You've found your

video scriptwriter

You've found your

video scriptwriter

What is all this about?

The short answer: 

I'm Jess, a professional video scriptwriter.

The long answer: 

I handle voiceover script writing for video production and media agencies, as well as individual companies, from startups to corporations in Fortune 100.

 In addition to explainer and advertising videos, I also write scripts for other video formats and presentations, including how-to screencasts, social media video ads, sales pipeline videos, internal corporate presentation videos, product and event trailers, webinars, and sales presentations.

Videos for home pages! Videos for emails! Videos for sales presentations! Videos for conferences!

(Can you tell this copywriter really loves videos?)

Have another creative video in mind? Count me in!

When I'm not writing video scripts, you can find me writing case studies or pondering the meaning of life over a giant cup of coffee.

What is a video script?

I write the script that your pro narrator will read aloud. In addition, I can also write out the visual storyline for your animated video, to make it easier and quicker for your animator to take over the project.

End-to-end animated video production and graphic design

Want more than just a script? I hear you! I work with some really cool people all over the world and we've created some mega-cool videos together. We're ready to handle the project management and do the same for you. 

We'll let you focus on the rest of that long to-do list! 

a few of my scripts in action

Explainer video script writing 

[a Flikli production]

Advertising script writing 

[a Flikli production]

Video script copywriter 

[a Pintamones production]

Trailer script copywriter 

[a PaperPlaneCo production]

Freelance video scriptwriter and animation

[Inquire to learn more about my animation partners]

let's get this party started

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