Want me to handle the whole explainer video?

When your to-do lists are maxed out and time is low, the last thing you want to think about is interviewing scriptwriters, voiceover artists, and animators. 

Instead, let me or one of my partners do the work.

I was a video production project manager in a past life (ok, ok, it was only a few years ago) and I have a lot of industry connections who love explainer videos as much as I do.

Let's talk about your project and deadlines and I'll deliver a quote and timeframe for the entire video.

Alternatively, I can refer you directly to one of my production studio partners, so you'll have one contact at the studio throughout the project and rest assured that you'll get a quality explainer video delivered on time. In that case I'll be in the background and I'll write the script for you, but I'll work directly with the project manager and animators at the studio.

Premium explainer videos

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Or hit the button below to contact me about working with me directly as your project manager.

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