☎️ Please hold... for your video scriptwriter

My name is Jess Mizerak and I'm a freelance copywriter specialized in video scriptwriting. I started out in the explainer video scriptwriting business as a full-time video scriptwriter at a production studio. Now I have been a freelancer for several years and have written, edited and project managed hundreds of animated videos. 

In addition to animated explainers, I also write scripts for screencast how-to videos and live action videos, typically between 30 seconds and 5 minutes.

Whether you're looking to make a video for a book or event trailer, a video presentation for a conference or company event, a Facebook ad, or a case study video, you've come to the right place.

I also write longer webinar and presentation scripts, so if you have a project idea in mind, let's talk about it.

The Process

Initial consultation call and transfer of materials

First draft script in a shared document or Word file

Feedback and revision rounds

The Deliverable

A final script (or series of scripts) for your animators to work with.

Don't want to wait?